i|MS Inspirathon 2019 – Facing the challenges ahead

G+J i|MS invites to the first i|MS Inspirathon – around 150 guests, including the G+J i|MS third party publishers, the international G+J iMS sales teams and representatives plus agency partners and external panellists, met at the G+J headquarters to exchange views on the trends and challenges facing international marketing.

Let yourself be inspired – Inspirathon 2019 recap video

In these times of increasing complexity in international marketing, the first i|MS Inspirathon above all stressed mutual exchange and knowledge transfer. The newly-created conference format featured a broad international stage with exciting panels, keynotes, interviews and workshops. The focus was on widely differing questions: How can we position quality brands when agencies are increasingly stressing impressions rather than environment? How can we integrate creativity and innovation in our daily marketing? How can we better bundle our strengths vis-à-vis leading European publishers? And how does all this translate into successful marketing solutions? Ample material for the participating international publishers, clients and agencies – and G+J iMS sales teams and representatives.

Through the conference setup – a mix of speeches, discussions and insights as well as interactive formats for a direct exchange of information – all relevant topics could be extensively examined. A special highlight, was a creativity workshop where the participants used the “Forced Fit” method to gamefully react to staged client questions in order that they can respond to client’s questions even more creatively in the future. A further highlight was an inspirational talk by extreme swimmer André Wiersig.

The two fireside chats with the directors of selected European media companies, which focussed on the strategies and alliances of European media companies in the times of GAFA. These chats were so promising that a continuation is planned. 

André Freiheit: “Current and future changes in the market call for knowledge transfer and cooperation that transcends national borders. We have to deepen and expand our relationships to our existing partners.  The Inspirathon’s new format was a success; we have received resounding feedback. Many thanks to all the participating colleagues for their involvement!”