Inflight and ambient media

Inflight Ambient Media

We would like to present you our wide range of global inflight and ambient media. In addition to classic inflight magazines for well-known airlines like British Airways, KLM, SAS and Singapore Airlines, we also offer exciting and innovative ambient products. Our constantly growing portfolio includes purely digital campaigns at Copenhagen Airport, tray table advertising on airberlin flights and advertising on Eurowings boarding passes.

Ambient media: Global Onboard Partners (GOBPE)

The GOBPE portfolio specialises in airline advertising, including tray tables, overhead bins, boarding passes and complete airplane exteriors.

You reach travel target groups directly and in an attention-grabbing way. Tray table advertising has an unprompted ad recall of nearly 80 %, while boarding passes are the most important travel document. They accompany passengers both before and during the flight, and are required for all purchases at the airport!

Tray tables: this advertising format is currently available on 40 planes in the airberlin fleet. On average, it reaches 845,000 passengers per month. Your benefits:

  • Almost no distractions
  • Intensive advertising contact – 2.5 hours on average
  • 80% unprompted ad recall – higher than any other advertising format
  • Increases intention to buy by 35 %

Boarding passes: 80 % of boarding passes are printed at home. You have the option to present your advert to passengers on home print boarding passes. Your benefits:

  • Second most important document after the passport
  • High visibility both before and during the flight
  • On average, passengers look at their boarding pass four times per flight
  • Boarding passes are required for all purchases at the airport
  • 61 % of all passengers respond to boarding pass advertising

With Eurowings (to give one example) you can benefit from this advertising format for just 33 cents per boarding pass (minimum booking volume: 10,000). Around 600,000 airberlin passengers per year print out a boarding pass at home (€ 100 per 1,000 contacts for one advertising box, minimum booking volume: 50,000).

Airmagine: attention-grabbing presence at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is the main air hub for the whole of Scandinavia as well as many international flights. The Danish airport’s fully digital display technology makes it a global trailblazer. The technology makes it possible to target passengers precisely and display content on screens that are located along the “travel route” through the airport.

There are 544 screens in total. 65,000 passengers pass through the airport every day. The screens are positioned in all attractive locations, resulting in approx. 78 % visibility.

British Airways: inflight magazines and ambient media

The perfect inflight magazine for every target group:

HIGH LIFE is BA’s monthly inflight magazine, which is distributed on all flights across the world and in lounges. With this magazine, you reach passengers with a thirst for knowledge. Over two thirds of readers are in social categories AB and love to spend.

  • Circulation: 200,643
  • Rate for 1/1 page: € 15,037

BUSINESS LIFE is the inflight magazine that is distributed in business class on all British Airways European flights. 64 % of the readership are men and 60% are decision-makers.

  • Circulation: 97,631
  • Rate for 1/1 page: € 12,290

FIRST is the new quarterly magazine for first class passengers. FIRST focuses on the topics of travel, design, food, well-being and luxury.

  • Circulation: 20,300
  • Rate for 1/1 page: € 10,840

In addition to the BA inflight magazines, there are also various ambient media options for your campaign:

  • Boarding passes
  • Digital screen network
  • Sampling
  • Static posters
  • Screensavers
  • Wi-Fi

Inflight magazines from Asia

With our Asian inflight media for major airlines, you can reach a target group with high spending power! Magazines and media data at a glance:

SILVERKRIS, the Singapore Airlines inflight magazine, offers exciting travel, food and shopping tips. The majority of passengers are decision-makers. With SILVERKRIS, you reach passengers from across the world – only 25 % of passengers come from Singapore.

  • Circulation: 200,643
  • Rate for 1/1 page: € 21,110

WINGSPAN, the high-quality ANA inflight magazine, is distributed on all flights across the world. It is published in Chinese and English. 56 % of readers are business travellers, 76 % are men and all of them love to spend.

  • Coverage: 528,000
  • Rate for 1/1 page: € 9,850

HIGH LIFE CHINA is the BA inflight magazine which is distributed on all BA flights to and from China (Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu). The magazine, which is in Mandarin, is published
on a quarterly basis and offers an ideal opportunity to present your brands to a prosperous, luxury-loving target group.

  • Circulation: 70,000
  • Rate for 1/1 page: £ 12,65

SAS Scandinavian Traveler

SCANDINAVIAN TRAVELER is the perfect way to reach passengers from across Scandinavia:

  • 406,000 readers in Sweden
  • 273,000 readers in Denmark
  • 403,000 readers in Norway

The magazine is distributed worldwide on all Scandinavian Airlines flights and in Scandinavian Airlines lounges. It reaches over a million readers in Scandinavia – at least 50 % of who are decision-makers with high incomes.

  • 1/1 page 4C: € 14,000

The website also offers an attractive environment for your online campaign. 


From the publishers of VOGUE, JAN, GLAMOUR and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: HOLLAND HERALD offers readers innovative content, breathtaking photography and high-quality journalism.

Exciting travel and lifestyle topics in combination with amazing visuals and design add up to a truly great read for passengers.

There are attractive options for integrating your brands into the shopping and gadgets sections at extremely attractive rates.

  • Circulation: 135,000
  • Rate for 1/1 page: € 17,815


Ready for take-off: in November 2015, LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN was relaunched. Europe’s leading inflight magazine now has a fresh layout with sumptuous visuals, new journalistic formats and the same high coverage.

What’s new for passengers? What was the strategy behind the relaunch?  to LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN on our website to get answers to all these questions and more.

We would be happy to provide you with more information and an individual quotation on request.

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