London: AdWeek Europe Conference

Our G+J i|MS UK office participated in the inspiring AdWeek Europe Conference in London discussing the future of advertising, changes through the supply chain and effects on publishers, agencies and clients.

Chris Turner-Green, head of our UK office, shares his four key takeaways:

Voice: Is no longer just an emerging opportunity. It is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, however consumer behaviour with smart devices (predominately radio, weather, …)  mean that use/interaction needs to be intuitive and rich to ensure those who do use the device skills to the max are immersed in the associated brand and environment to achieve a tangible ROI.

AdTech: Their dominance and importance in unlikely to waver however there is a need for the discussion to be personalised to that of the customer whether that be a brand, agency or publisher. The industry needs to work more collaboratively for all parties’ benefits, rather than just one or a small number of the links in the chain.

Alliances: Intensifying important, challenging both the big three and aiding the dominance of PMP over the blind market. How far can the trend go? Will the big three retaliate, do they need to? And what does this mean for sales structures across media owners?  

Branded Safety: Attitudes differ by platform. One multimedia campaign can have an extensive blacklist digitally, with a linked print ad running alongside an article featuring over 30 examples of the blacklisted words with no issue. Is it fair, is it right, and does it mean keywords have gone too far.

Important and relevant themes which are sure to be followed-up at our own G+J i|MS publisher conference in May!