Media consumption in Germany: Land of readers


The 2017 media analysis AWA again proves that Germany is a land of readers, in which the printed word still plays an important role. In addition to intensive TV usage, the print media are of prime importance. Especially brand-oriented consumers show high magazine consumption.

Of course Germans are online a lot, too

The Internet is the third most used media among the basic media consumed daily in Germany. Emails, online banking and information on products and companies are in the foreground of usage in regards to Internet usage. Online offers of magazines and newspapers are especially popular in the upper social strata.

When it comes to advertising, print is the most trusted media channel

A revealing indicator of the respect given the respective media channels is provided by respondents’ answers to how believable, helpful, informative and purchase-driving advertising is rated in television, print, and the Internet.

Respondents are convinced that advertising in the print media fulfils these criteria better than the competition, reflecting the generally high respect and authenticity that newspapers and magazines enjoy in Germany. This was the conclusion drawn in the market/media study “Best for Planning (b4p) 2016/III”.

The bottom line

It may be that print media don’t always place first in a race for topicality; but in terms of usage and credibility, coupled with their haptic qualities, print remains indispensable for the consumer and advertising industry in Germany alike.

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ABOUT the Allensbacher Werbeträgeranalyse (AWA) – this media analysis is one of Germany’s most important and respected market/media analyses. The industry survey appears annually and is based on a sample of 23,356 respondents.  The analysis offers a deep insight into attitudes and value orientations, and enables precise conclusions regarding the lifestyles, behavioural patterns and purchase motives of the nearly 64 million Germans aged 14 and above.