Prisma Media is launching a new magazine for women. The magazine will be putting content from blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and other portals onto paper.

Prisma Media is launching a new magazine on the market in France: AS YOU LIKE. The magazine will be putting content from blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and other portals onto paper.

It has become commonplace for magazines to beat a path from print to the digital world. Prisma Media is now taking the opposite direction: AS YOU LIKE will be putting the best content from blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and other portals also aimed at a female audience. It is the second magazine innovation of the French G+J subsidary within weeks. In February Prisma Media launched its own edition of FLOW, the women's magazine that has been so successful in Germany.

AS YOU LIKE is also aimed at a female audience. The quarterly magazine draws its content primarily from a close collaboration with the women's portal HELLOCOTON and its community. was founded in 2009 and was acquired by Prisma Media in 2012 as part of its digital strategy. More than 30,000 women bloggers fill the portal with their ideas, thoughts, knowledge and know-how – and nearly two million visitors follow the site, forming one of the biggest female online communities in France.

Their interests cover “typical” women's topics, which are now also included in AS YOU LIKE IT: beauty and fashion, décor and DIY, cuisine, travel and events and, finally, culture, society, and news – these are the main sections of each issue of the new magazine, comprised of articles on the topics by women bloggers. And readers don’t just “read” the magazine – its design is inspired by the interactivity of the digital world, so AS YOU LIKE provides space for writing notes and comments, coloring pictures, or playing games and solving “interactive” puzzles. The new magazine puts the best content from the 2.0 world on paper.

“No one could have given the concept of this new magazine a better start than Prisma Media,” says Pascale Socquet, publisher Women’s magazines at Prisma Media. “Thanks to our editors and bloggers at, we have a really complementary skillset for finding and select the best web 2.0 content. This magazine follows the transformation that women's titles are currently experiencing, by using its digital strength to reinvent itself.”

Of course Prisma Media is also transferring AS YOU LIKE back into the digital world – as a separate sub-site on and with accompanying activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The editor-in-chief of the new magazine, Gwendoline Michaelis, says: “The readers of AS YOU LIKE are young, networked women who are sensitive to new trends and read blogs to keep getting new ideas and ensure they are always on the cutting edge.” Because these women see themselves as suffering from information overload, the editors offer them the “best content from the Web, written by the talents of tomorrow,” says Michaelis.

AS YOU LIKE has a print run of 135,000 copies and Prisma Media is aiming for a paid circulation of 40,000. The magazine has 152 pages and a cover price of 3 Euros.