New in Germany: NG TRAVELER


G+J is bringing the successful magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER to the German market. The travel magazine is currently published in 15 countries worldwide - for example in Holland - the IMS portfolio now covers NG TRAVELER in two countries. It will appear in Germany for the first time on June 6, 2015 at the price of approx. 7.50 Euro.

Four times per year, readers will be transported to the most wonderful places on our planet – and thanks to the exceptional quality of the photos, for which NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC stands, will be able to explore new, exotic worlds. In the service section, they will receive the necessary and relevant travel information to implement their travel plans – inspired and well-informed. US National Parks will be the title story of the first edition

NG is a well-known brand across borders. Readers know what to expect. Readers of the new travel magazine are inquisitive, cosmopolitan and educated people, who want to be inspired by great photography and exciting stories. They are frequent travelers and globetrotters, with a high economic status and are both consumer and quality oriented. Alongside the most sought-after travel destinations, they are also most interested in luxury cars, the newest technology, stylish design and everything which makes everyday life easier and more beautiful.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER will be appearing with a print run of 100,000 copies. A 1/1 page 4c advert costs 12,900 Euro.

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