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G+J i|MS begins partnership with European publishers Media Impact, The Guardian and Roularta Media in Scandinavia.

Hamburg, April 30th, 2021 - Starting in 2021, G+J i|MS Sales Office Worldwide has begun its collaboration with Media Impact (Germany), The Guardian (UK), and the Roularta Media Group (Belgium) to represent their media in Scandinavia. Thus, G+J i|MS further completes its quality portfolio for Scandinavian clients and agencies.

In addition to the premium G+J portfolio (Germany), the digital powerhouse Prisma Média (France), the diverse media venture Ringier (Switzerland), and the highly trusted NRC (Netherlands), the newly acquired partnerships will be able to provide Scandinavian business partners with an even larger constellation of quality media as well as new opportunities and platforms for their advertising campaigns.

  • Media Impact’s portfolio is synonymous with coverage. Across all channels, Media Impact can reach nearly 85% of the German population. That’s over 59 million people! In addition to two powerful German brands – BILD and WELT – the Media Impact print portfolio also includes a number of well-respected regional newspapers like the HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT and the BERLINER MORGENPOST as well as the high-class magazine supplement ICON, which fuses style and elegance to inspire its readers.
    Media Impact is also an influential force in the digital landscape in Germany; the online portfolio reaches 47.5 million unique users monthly, placing Media Impact in the top 3 of digital marketers. With digital brands like BUSINESS INSIDER, ROLLING STONE, AUTO BILD, and COMPUTER BILD, a whole range of target groups and topics are at one’s fingertips.
  • The Guardian isn’t just the UK’s number one trusted news brand; they are also a beacon of quality journalism. As a media brand, their reach is massive – they find their ways into the hands or onto the screens of over 6 million people daily (and 29 million monthly)! With some of the highest presence among groups like ABC1s or Londoners, The Guardian’s media addresses desirable target groups across all platforms. In addition to the main daily publications of THE GUARDIAN and THE OBSERVER (the world’s oldest Sunday newspaper), supplements like FEAST, THE OBSERVER FOOD MONTHLY, and THE OBSERVER MAGAZINE delve deeper into topics that interest the modern UK reader: lifestyle, interior décor, gastronomy, travel, design, and culture.
  • Roularta Media Group – a publisher with a knack for innovation – offers an extensive selection of titles in industries from news, to lifestyle, to luxury, to sports. With over 40 media brands in its bilingual (Dutch/French) portfolio, they are able to maintain presence across the entirety of Belgium. Over 7 million Belgians interact monthly with Roularta’s media in one form or another, meaning that Roularta has the perfect platforms for any advertiser’s message.
    With titles like KNACK/LE VIF, TRENDS STYLE, and LIBELLE/FEMMES D’AUOURD’HUI among others, Roularta reaches across the news, luxury, and lifestyle segments. Roularta’s innovative portfolio also includes local newspapers that offer regional approaches, special-interest newsletters, and even TV with the business- and economics-themed TV Channel KANAAL Z/CANAL Z.

“We are excited that we can begin our partnerships with these quality media brands in the Scandinavian markets. We have expanded our pan-European solutions even further and can continue to provide holistic support and solutions for every client and every need,” says Katrin Adler, International Key Account Director at G+J i|MS.

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