New men's mag: JWD


Will be launched by G+J Germany at the end of March: JWD - Joko Winterscheidts Druckerzeugnis. No ordinary men's magazine.

Joko Winterscheidt is the protagonist of the new magazine. In Germany, Joko is a star – a role model for a whole generation of modern men. He is  THE start-up among German TV presenters and at the same he is an avid reader and thrives for well made magazines. He has 1.5 mio. FB fans & 2.1 mio. followers on Twitter. Joko embodies the modern man with humour, curiosity and a thirst for adventure and a great passion for lifestyle topics.

JWD is not a fan magazine, but a new kind of report-based magazine with a mixture of adventure, lifestyle, fashion, travel, and so much more - in line with the concept: See the world through Joko’s eyes.

  • Team JOKO experiences instead of only observing – with courage, wit and curiosity.
  • A zeitgeist magazine with a sense of style, design, reportage and thirst for adventure.
  • Unconventional travel tips for day and night will be presented in a special guide format

Ad closing for the second issue is March 13th.

For more information contact your local representative!