New: out-stream video offers from Smartclip

With immediate effect the premium out-stream offers (Intxt format) of the moving image marketer smartclip, a subsidiary of the RTL Deutschland media group, will be marketed outside Germany through the global network of G+J i|MS (Gruner + Jahr International Media Sales).

smartclip offers video advertising Integration for In-Stream, Out-Stream and the total Connected TV/Smart TV Segment and the effective programmatic dovetailing between the individual disciplines. The portfolio consists of high-performance German and European Premium Publisher Sites.

As a result of its expertise in the international marketing of high-quality content environments,    G+J i|MS will focus on the marketing smartclip’s environment-, brand- and context-related Out-Stream offers (Intxt format). These video formats are marked as “Advertising” and are positioned on editorial websites outside the video stream. They integrate themselves in the user’s natural reading flow and thus enable an especially high-awareness brand appearance directly in the context of the article. Campaigns can be booked either classically or programmatically and delivered target-group precisely.

Oliver Vesper, Managing Director of smartclip: “Due to its unique format combination of In- and Out-Stream and its expertise in programmatic moving image marketing in the online segment, smartclip has a strong position in the the German-speaking market. Through our propriatory technology we deliver video campaigns which transcend platforms and devices. I am pleased that with G+J i|MS - as partner with excellent international business partner contacts - we can now also market our offers outside Germany and with greater  emphasis than in the past.”

André Freiheit, Executive Director G+J i|MS: “With smartclip we now offer our clients exciting new possibilities for brand staging in digital moving pictures in Germany as well as on leading European platforms. The Out-Stream environment-based placement corresponds to our marketing philosophy: We offer safe, quality environments for strong brands and are increasingly positioning ourselves as digital maketers.”

About smartclip:

smartclip, a leading technology company for video advertising, offers intelligent multiscreen ad solutions across various revenue channels and all user devices via its own SmartX Platform. We enable yield-optimized monetisation on Connected TV, Smart TVs, mobile devices, and the stationary web. The interplay between In-Stream and Out-Stream approaches allows us to develop innovative advertising opportunities for interactive brand experiences across formats, optimizing performance values such as media efficiency, reach, and target group precision. In this way, smartclip’s premium partners can achieve genuine revenue optimization. For this purpose, we offer publishers video-specific full stack and service solutions building on video specialist experience since 2008. The company with its headquarters in Hamburg is a subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and has a comprehensive network of branches all across Europe and Latin America. smartclip is currently combining its business with SpotX, a sister company.