NEW: Spiegel Media marketed by G+J i|MS in France

G+J i|MS Sales Office France takes over exclusive representation of SPIEGEL MEDIA.

Since 1 July 2019, G+J i|MS is responsible for the marketing of SPIEGEL MEDIA in France. In addition to the G+J Swiss sales office, the French sales office of i|MS now also represents the quality portfolio of SPIEGEL MEDIA.

Through its high quality online and print media SPIEGEL MEDIA offers media agencies and clients in France a premium offer for reaching top target groups.

The weekly newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL is the high-coverage medium for premium target groups, and the monthly manager magazin is a title for reaching high-income opinion leaders in a business context. Moreover, the supplements S-MAGAZIN and splendid offer a corresponding lifestyle environment.

SPIEGEL ONLINE, the leading news site on the German-language Web, offers access to over 22 million highly qualified unique users every month.

The portfolio also includes Harvard Business Manager, and with the leading German-language career portal KarriereSPIEGEL provides information on careers and further education.

André Pätzold, director of SPIEGEL MEDIA: “We have found an experienced and competent marketing partner in G+J i|MS. I am convinced that we will mutually offer communications solutions in the French advertising market that optimally satisfy the needs of our agency clients.”

Pauline Conjard, Managing Director of G+J i|MS France: “I am very pleased about the cooperation with SPIEGEL MEDIA in France. The resulting expansion of our portfolio through additional relevant premium environments for reaching qualitatively upmarket target groups further expands our position as leading marketing partner in France.”

SPIEGEL Media Portfolio represented in France.