New Web Presence for STERN


The start of STERN Digital in a technically completely overhauled and visually totally renewed form. Additionally the mobile offers have been optimized.

As of 16th of June STERN Digital presents itself technically completely revised and visually renewed. Both, the desktop and mobile appearance have been further optimized. STERN offers its users the opportunity to comment on articles.

The optical revision is reflected in a wider page layout and a modern, bright style. A tile optic on homepage and section pages makes the design more flexible. The text moves closer to the center of the page. Instead of a classic side column a "sticky" element has been develop which consists of a teaser and an advertisement. This allows advertisements to be displayed significantly longer in the visible range of the reader. New technical basis of STERN digital is the Web Content Management System CoreMedia.

Readers have the possibility to comment on articles which enables the editorial staff to step into discussions with its users. Articles can immediately be shared directly from the homepage on social networks. Authors get more presence on the portal. STERN Digital stands for the "great stories" – just like the print issue and it selects the entire width of the themes from the World of STERN. Unlike the magazine, the digital offer focuses on the topic of the day and illuminates it from all sides - a "Netflix" -Journalismus" in which the user is informed on a steady basis.

Daniela von Heyl, Business Director G+J Digital Products: "The new digital STERN is a trend-setter. It backs the mobile and social usage trends,” says And we offer the advertising industry in the future more visibility and innovative advertising formats."