New Website-Design for ART


As from now the art magazine's website is presenting itself overhauled in regard of visuals, content and technically. A new content management system allows new forms of design.

A modern page layout, larger picture galleries and an improved user guidance are among the salient benefits that were only made possible by switching to the content management system Drupal, newly introduced at G+J Digital. is the eleventh website at G+J benefitting from the system change.

The new system also allows for a new focus on content. For instance topic pages about artists and eras with long term interesting content are made more accessible. Debate contributions from experts and opinion columns provide more topicality. Thus ART wants to play a more active role in the discussion about the current art scene and provide a platform for controversial opinions.

The new ART site is the result of a successful cooperation between the ART-editorial team with the colleagues of Digital Business Management as well as the central department Product Management and Technology of G+J Digital Products. Like the other sites of the Drupal project, will be benefitting from the continuous development of the entire system. "With Drupal we now have a technical platform which in addition to the substantial use of benefits for the reader also offers the editorial team a lot more room for creativity," explains Daniela von Heyl, Digital Business Director at G+J Digital Products GmbH.

On the occasion of’s relaunch the Greenport spoke with Ralf Schlüter, deputy editor-in-chief ART.

As from now ART is presenting itself with a new website. What does look like now?

Ralf Schlüter: The most obvious change concerns the site layout: it is now clearer, more generous, a little edgier. Instead of compartmentalizing, the user gets a page with clear priorities and a beautiful opulence. The column width has been adapted to today's requirements, images get more space. Overall, the layout is more up to date and arranged more clearly.

What does art journalism on the web have to offer in the year 2015?

Ralf Schlüter: It has to go beyond pure news, it must stimulate, entertain and provoke debate. The new has three priorities. We want to promote and initiate discussions, with current, controversial contributions to the art scene. There are always disputes from the Gurlitt case to cultural property protection law, where we would like to participate more actively. Secondly we provide service for those who want to learn more about artists, exhibitions or art movements quickly. New here are the topics pages: Anyone wanting to find out about on the Baroque era, can find a comprehensive dossier of texts and images. And thirdly, we show images in new opulence, and not always in a deadly serious way: If we encounter something funny or entertaining, we like to hand it on to our users, on the site and in the social networks.

Have you also made substantive changes in course of the site-migration?

Ralf Schlüter: The time of pure news is over, the entire net has become more magazine-like. The decisive factor is the right mix of debate, service and entertainment. To this extent is once again moving closer to the magazine, which experienced a highly successful relaunch last year: Art challenges us to both: pleasure and conflict!