NextGeneration Ad: Parallax Ad


Technology to enjoy: The innovative “Parallax Ad” from G+J EMS can be used cross digitally and reacts to user interactions.

It is one of the newest special advertising forms of G+J EMS’s own Digital Special Solutions department and sets new standards in the field of cross digital AdSpecials. The combination of the latest web technologies (HTML5, Javascript, jQuery) enables computer and tablet presentations. The way this new advertising medium is integrated in the site structure is both technically and visually elegant and reacts to the user’s individual interactions without overlying the content.

The premiere of Parallax Ads took place recently in the campaign of SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE.

The special advertising form highlighted the SEAT model in an innovative and upscale fashion through story telling on three slots positioned on the homepage of and 11 FREUNDE, whereby the Parallax effect attracted particular attention.
With ParallaxAd, individual AdSlots that are not bookable as standard expand on the user’s computer or tablet in relation to the inclination angle of the device, depending on the mouse position of the user.

Storytelling on the three slots positioned on the site made it possible to highlight the new SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE in an innovative and upgrade manner. The unusual mechanism of ParallaxAd thereby supported the brand claim "Technology to enjoy" and underscored the innovative character of the SEAT Leon X-PERIENCE. The contents in the AdSlots also reacted to the movement of the mouse and produced, through the movement of individual levels, a Parallax effect that attracts great attention. As a result of these dynamic interactions, the user automatically discovers the AdSpecial through his normal use behaviour on the site, without an annoying overlaying of the content.