NRC’s charging model for branded content

These days it is quite common for publishers to create branded content. While the overall quality has certainly increased over the years, not many publishers believe as strongly in its quality as our partner NRC, publisher of the quality media NRC HANDELSBLAD and NRC.NEXT.

For in-house created branded content, NRC has come up with a 15 second rule: Advertisers only pay for those readers who invest at least 15 seconds consuming branded content.

It takes courage to offer such a business model. But NRC knows it has the in-house expertise to create quality content. And with a little help of analysing tools like and, NRC knows how to optimise both content and layout specifically for different devices.

Why 15 seconds you might wonder. NRC Key Account Manager Gertjan Dijkhuizen explains “We discovered that if people spend at least 15 seconds on an article, they’ll read it all.”

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