Prisma Media launches Newsroom TV


The three successful French TV guides TÉLÉ-LOISIRS, TÉLÉ 2 SEMAINES and TV GRANDES CHAINES are now taking the next step in order to position themselves optimally for multimedia journalism: The brands are merging their editorial teams regarding personnel, offices and content to Newsroom TV, which was now launched this Monday.

“The convergence of the media has led to a profound change not only in the organization of editorial teams, but also in the profession of journalism itself,” says Daniel Daum, publisher of the G+J subsidiary’s TV and entertainment brands, explaining the background to the formation of Newsroom TV, and adds: “As part of our continuing innovation strategy, Newsroom TV is the concrete organizational and physical expression of the fusion of print and digital.”

Prisma Media has successfully promoted and helped shape this fusion for years. For example, the three TV guides mentioned above no longer have just the hundreds of thousands of readers of the printed editions, but also a total of 4.4 million visitors to their digital offerings. TÉLÉ-LOISIRS in particular is considered a pioneer here. The TV guide’s app is so popular that on some days it has more users in France than Facebook.

The establishment of Newsroom TV on 800 square meters of office space reflects all of these developments. From this Newsroom, the editorial teams will further advance the digital development, generating as many as 100 news items per day, half of them as videos, producing specific and exclusive content and offering the highest level of interactivity with readers or users. For journalists, this means losing their strong identification with one of the three brands and instead increasingly developing themselves into thematic experts who pass on their expertise to the readers. And it involves a shift from print toward video, which is expressed, among other things, in the fact that Newsroom TV has its own separate studio with nine workstations for editing and processing.

Rémy Pernelet, editorial director of Newsroom TV: “Newsroom TV is, first and foremost, a journalistic challenge. It's about reinventing our profession.” The project is the result of an intensive, yearlong thought and discussion process that involved the editorial teams themselves in shaping their future.

Editor-in-chief Thierry Masclot adds: “The aim of Newsroom TV is to adapt to the requirements of the digital and especially the mobile market.” The reorganization, he says, will enable Prisma Media to increase the production of original video content that has already become a guarantee of success for TÉLÉ-LOISIRS with 36 million video views per month.

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