RCS launches sustainability initiative

June 5th is World Environment Day. In the run-up to this event our Italian Publisher RCS MediaGroup is launching PIANETA 2020 (Planet 2020) – a four-month initiative on sustainability.

We all know it’s time to act. The editorial team of Italy’s most widely-read daily newspaper CORRIERE DELLA SERA believes that no less than a “political, economic, social and cultural revolution” is needed in terms of sustainability - involving “people, companies and institutions” to meet the challenges we are facing today and will be tomorrow.

Encourage to think and act

RCS’s sustainability project aims to “encourage everyone to think and act”. In offering its hub, the team of CORRIERE DELLA SERA hopes to link initiatives throughout Italy and to connect readers, users and viewers to share ideas and multiply outcome.

The initiative is a success if it fulfills the following two objectives defined by the initiators: 

  • Describing and presenting a proposal to legislation
  • Fundraising to make ideas happen

Raising awareness via RCS’ portfolio, OOH and radio

From the end of February to May, there will be 48-page monthly specials in CORRIERE DELLA SERA, a vertical channel on CORRIERE.it, a separate video channel, a newsletter and various social media activities. There will also be a sustainability festival and a fundraising concert in Milan.

The communication plan involves online and offline campaigns within all RCS media, OOH and radio stations.

Want to catch a first glimpse?
Visit: https://www.corriere.it/pianeta2020/

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