Reach 35.5 % of all decision makers in the NL

In terms of content, the news brand FD and BNR Nieuwsradio are at the core of interest of the Dutch Decision Makers. This is also evident from the results of the currently released Decision Makers Survey 2020 (DMS 2020). Both brands FD and BNR reach 35.5% of all business decision-makers (220,000 persons) in the Netherlands within a month.

The FD brand (newspaper, digital replica, app and website) reaches 18.4% of all Dutch business decision-makers every week. These 115,000 readers make daily decisions in the areas of business financing, fleet management, purchasing, purchasing automation, etc. BNR brand (radio, website, app) reaches almost 17% each week. This equals approximately 105,000 business decision makers.

Within the DMS 2020 it is possible to zoom in on the media behaviour of a specific business target group. Think of the Director-Major Shareholder (DGAs). The BNR and FD brands achieve a reach of over 45% of all DGAs in the Netherlands in one month. This is interesting for companies active in the merger and acquisition market, for example.

Another popular target group: independent entrepreneurs / self-employed persons. FD and BNR manage to reach more than 35% of this target group every month. Interesting when your company offers office furniture, software, hardware or disability insurance.

Across the board in the study, it is clear that the FD and BNR are above average in their ability to attract various target groups within the business market. This is reflected in high selectivity indices in, for example, the target group Financial Director, where the FD realizes index 185 on Saturday. BNR Nieuwsradio and the FD achieve selectivity indices of 200 or higher in the business pilots target group.

On 15 May 2020 the FD Mediagroep has started a brand campaign linking to the social distancing times and trying to help decision makers and small companies keep ‘staying in touch’ with their audience.

Source: FD Mediagroep.

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