Reach Male Urban Millennials with BOA

Soon to be published personality magazine BOA will target the German men, lifestyle and sports segment in a unique way.

BOA is a magazine that is more than just stylish, that presents unique topics, shows celebrities in a different light and takes a stance – it is Jérôme Boateng! Known by 99% of the German population, the star football player is the idol of millennials and brings a large amount of social media followers. He is a style icon, has street credibility and lives successful integration.

The magazine will visit rappers, athletes and artists in places where journalists normally won’t go to. BOA shows its style and social landscape. Jérôme Boateng opens the door to a new world and will lead the readers like a big brother. The power of football will also be the success of BOA, as it is way more than sports. It is a passion, identification, omnipresence, lifestyle, projection area, a brand staging space, success and overall a big business.

The magazine will be divided into three main categories – Style, Pup Culture and The Scene - and will be available bimonthly.