Repositioning shows positive results

Excellent results in the MA 2015/16 study affirm the repositioning of the health and lifestyle magazine LUST AUFS LEBEN.

LUST AUFS LEBEN (“Lust for Life”) has increased its reach by 33.3% and now reaches 148,000 readers per month (MA 2015/16). With a general coverage of 2%, LUST AUFS LEBEN is one of the most popular and most read health-lifestyle magazines in Austria.

Since a strategy change in October 2015 LUST AUFS LEBEN functions as a mentor for a healthy lifestyle and presents scientifically funded content in the areas of health, psychology, fitness, nutrition, wellness and travels.

Talin Seifert, Head of Sales LUST AUFS LEBEN, comments: “The Media Analysis confirms, what the ÖAK already proved: LUST AUFS LEBEN finds the right mix of exciting stories, scientific expertise and current zeitgeist. Not only are the increases of 3.7% in sales and of 17.4% in subscriptions (ÖAK 1. first half 2016) great news for the magazine, but also the incredible growth of readership that is reflected in the MA 2015/16.”

The rate for 1/1 4c is €7,980

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