The new GEO


More Attractive, Exciting and Varied. With its September-issue GEO is being published in a visibly overhauled form – witha new design, clearer magazine structure, innovative categories and new cover visuals. Aim of the changes is to render the magazine more up-to-date, to heighten readers' enjoyment and to expand the magazine’s diversity.

The most noticeable change is the layout, which was totally renewed under the leadership of Creative Director Anna-Clea Skoluda . The new look takes the renowned classic GEO back to the top of the contemporary magazine designs. "GEO is now more elegant and valuable, but also more reader-friendly and entertaining," says editor-in-chief Christoph Kucklick. " Anna-Clea Skoluda and her team have done a great job and GEO is now not only photographically but also design-wise one of the leading magazines."

A new face is also shown by the cover: The green frame was broadened, this again emphasizes the picture. Thus GEO can be better seen at newsstands and show the self-assurance of the most believable and renowned of German media brands. A new magazine structure allows for more orientation and diversity. The individual parts are better marked and the small-scale magazine formats strengthened and provided with new sections. In addition “stops” throughout the magazine consistently mark counterpoints to the big stories and scientific reports, including the "Forum" as a place for theses and opinions, double-page graphics as well as “Rückschau” (Retrospect) - the historic photo.

"Contentwise we are remaining faithful to our proven mix of topics from world affairs, science and 'egocentric' issues around the body and psyche. But we will be offering our readers even more unusual perspectives and startling findings ," thus Christoph Kucklick. The magazine’s claim , "Die Welt mit anderen Augen sehen (Seeing the world with different eyes) is to determine the topics of the magazine even more consistently. Christoph Kucklick: "In spite of all design changes: It is the surprising content, expanding the readers’ horizon, that make us unique."

With the relaunch GEO is kicking off a large new image campaign comprising six motifs, which were developed by the creative duo Ohlhaver/Homoki.

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