Two Stars for Prisma Media


The French G+J subsidiary has been honored with two awards, the so-called "Etoiles" (Stars) by the Observatoire de la presse et des médias (ACPM) for TÉLÉ-LOISIRS and NATIONAL GEOGRAPIC.

The "Etoile 2016 de l’APCM" went to the mobile app of the TV guide TÉLÉ-LOISIRS and the monthly magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC won the "Etoile 2016 Audience de l’ACPM". These awards once again reflect the strategic poles of Prisma Media’s work – the digital and the print world.

The "Etoile" for TÉLÉ-LOISIRS is based on another impressive development of the magazine’s app: the number of registered visits climbed by 106 million between 2014 and 2015, equalling the strongest increase of use among all of France’s comparable offers. It underscores the leading position of the app in the mobile world ahead of competing media offers.

Today, Prisma Media today reaches 17.4 million people in France With the TÉLÉ-LOISIRS brand. The secret of this success is unique and comprehensive content and features: from the overview of over 280 TV programs to the full customizability of the content, almost 100 new editorially selected news items per day and 30 million video clicks per month, the app leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to television.

The development of reader numbers of the second award-winning Prisma Media medium has also experienced an upward trend: the number of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC readers climbed by 161,000 to 2,077,000 last year in comparison with 2014, equaling the greatest increase among the classic monthly magazines in France.

Prisma Media CEO Rolf Heinz comments: "These two successes make us very proud. They confirm that making the further development and innovation of our brands in the digital and print world is a top priority. I am delighted with the awards because they reflect the quality, creativity and commitment of our teams. I am happy about the recognition by our readers and users, but also by the experts."

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