Twofold Success for G+J Media NL


At the award ceremony of the Mercur Awards last Wednesday in Amsterdam, the Dutch G+J subsidiary was able to rejoice twice over: GLAMOUR-editor-in-chief Sanne Groot Koerkamp was honoured as "Editor-in-chief of the Year”. The platform QUEST-Test won the award in the category "Brand Innovation of the Year".

"In her first year as editor-in-chief Groot Koerkamp has succeeded in breathing new life into the GLAMOUR brand, in providingnew relevance for advertisers, and not least in givinng the editors a new confidence," thus the official jury statement regarding the honoring of editor-in-chief Sanne Groet Koerkamp with the so-called "Oscar of the Dutch magazine world". As the largest Dutch fashion magazine and with over one million unique users Groot Koerkamp has prepared GLAMOUR for a promising future. "This is a prize for a team that takes risks and dares to think big in the ever changing print landscape," said Sanne Groot Koerkamp at the award ceremony. She sees the award as a sign that success and pleasure at work go very well together.

The platform also was among the prizewinners with its QUEST-test and was able to receive the Mercur Award for the best Brand Innovation of the Year. Visitors of can perform a variety of tests and receive a personal evaluation online. The editors use the anonymous data, among others, to develop new content for print and online. Scientists also like to use the QUEST-Test like to gain new insights. According to the jury "QUEST-Test Holland is the ultimate answer to the question of how well a popular science magazine can be successful online – staying close to the core values of the brand, but at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities of the digital age." In addition, the QUEST-test is a successful way to offer an even wider range of opportunities to advertisers and apply new digital business models.

This year had seen G+J Media Nederland being nominated seven times altogether at the Mercur Awards with the brands GLAMOUR, QUEST, VOGUE and VOGUE MAN.