Webinar: Insight Tourism

Together with a selection of media partners (including the Guardian, NZZ), colleagues from Territory, Prisma Media, Data+Audience Intelligence and the University of St. Gallen our German Sales Office hosted a webinar on tourism with 150 participants.

How will people travel in the future? How to react to impacts of the current pandemic, climate change and overtourism? How should media and advertisers communicate? What opportunities are there for the tourism industry?

More than 150 participants from agencies and customers from the tourism industry listened to top-class speakers on several aspects: 

  • UNIVERSITY OF ST. GALLEN: Changes in the industry, factors influencing travel decisions in the future
  • PRISMA/GEO FRANCE: Journalistic perspective
  • DATA & AUDIENCE INTERLIGENCE: Travel trends of the future
  • DER STANDARD, Austria: How a strong online community delivers insights
  • TERRITORY INFLUENCE: Insights on travel influencers
  • NZZ, Switzerland: Storytelling and content creation
  •  GUARIDAN, UK: Innovative approaches for the tourism industry in the Guardian Travel Universe

All speakers agreed that the urge to travel is still out there, even more so as people realized how much they cherish traveling. Therefore, now is the time for media and advertisers to invest in order to be in the relevant set when customers plan their next destination due to the prospect of a Corona vaccine. 

While in 2020 domestic tourism has benefited from the crisis, travelers are now looking forward to traveling further once they feel safe to do so. However, tour operators must be prepared for the fact that travelers will continue to have an increased need for security for a long time to come.

Resonance tourism will continue to grow in importance: The desire for real encounters (like cooking with locals) and authentic experiences (e.g. pilgrimage on the St. James' Way) continued during 2020.

This webinar was the first of the INSIGHTS series hosted by Claudia Scheil (Director of the German Sales office) and her colleague, Manuela Lopes. Asked about the idea, Claudia commented. “With our INSIGHT events, we seek to provide insights and background information on a specific industry or a specific topic to our clients and agencies. The icing of the cake is to involve media partners presenting their innovative approaches with real cases. This first event offered a lot of food for thought and we are already looking forward to our next one".