Podcast Usage

Listened to a podcast this week? If the answer is yes, you are far from alone - podcasts are popular throughout the world. According to Agma 2022 data, 29.3% of the German speaking population listens to podcasts. In age group 14-49 years old (the most relevant group for advertisers) the percentage is even higher: 41,8%.

Whereas in the early days of podcasts, listeners were more typically younger tech-savvy men, the podcast audience today is more diverse. The total number of listeners has increased significantly, and so has the average time spent listening to podcasts.

According to an Ad Alliance study more than half of the podcast listeners in Germany surveyed devote more than 60 minutes of their time per week to the medium. The most popular podcasts are those in which the individual episodes last 20 to 30 minutes.

One to three different podcasts are listened to regularly by the majority (62%), for 19% four to five are indispensable.