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Surprising, intelligent, unique and ironic.

This new weekly news magazine – a supplement at the centre of the CORRIERE DELLA SERA – débuted at the end of April 2017. Published every Thursday. 

For understanding the world today focusing on just a few worthwhile items.

7 regular features, and only a few well-written articles. Two interviews, one “traditional” entrusted to that shrewd journalist Antonio d’Orrico, one “less conventional” by Vittorio Zincone.

Current affairs, from the economy to everyday news, from lifestyles to technology. And then cartoons, figures (very few) and poetry to enhance a magazine that is already a trend-setter.

Readers who will be able to interact with 7 both through the magazine and using social media and our website.

Media Represented

in Belgium, Germany (Internat. Media only), Luxembourg, Netherlands