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  1. * Publisher's Information 2021 January-September
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Renewed in May 2019, 7 is an engaging story telling on things to know and the pleasures of life. The Friday’s magazine is organized in three sections for a clear and parallel access to:

national and international news

a more personal and intimate area

a large space dedicated to leisure and free time.

From politics to news, from world leaders to family relationships, from books to travel, to TV guide, 7 is all about how we live (and how we would like to live) that starts with people and stories signed by the authoritative Corriere della Sera pens and writers, by many personalities of art, music and entertainment world who alternate in various edition. People are at the core of 7 that has a strong interaction with readers thanks to the site, the social media, the events programs and the double appointment with the newsletter, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Media Represented

in Germany (Internat. Media only)