2,200,000 *
1,000,000 *
Unique User
136,000 **
Target Group
AB active families - ÇA M'INTERESSE’s readership is unisex, young, family-based and AB+. Young working couples with children under the age of 15 years are the core target group. Curious, open-minded and innovative consumers
Main advertisers
  • automotive
  • food/drink
  • home appliances
  • consumer electronics
  1. * GAN 2019-06
  2. ** Mediametrie Mediamat / Net Ratings 2019-05


On www.caminteresse.fr - the website of the French title the reader can deeply dive into the world of the knowledge, find out about the newest developments and researches. Besides, the website takes up the thematic range of the magazine model. In different tests the general knowledge of the users can be proofed, and the Blog of the magazine tracks down exciting and funny content from the web.

Media Represented

worldwide except in France, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA