10 issues a year
Print circulation
10,000 *
Target Group
Target audience includes highly educated with an interest in IT development. IT & Business managers. 50 % CIO, Projectleader IT, Head Automation, Facility Manager, Business Manager; 25 % Teamleader IT, Coordinator IT, Operational Manager; 25 % Consultant, Architect, Analysts, Specialist on various areas, Developer, Tester, Programmer
IT & Communication
  1. * Publisher's Information 2016


AG Connect is the number one magazine for IT professionals and company management. Launched in 1967, AG delivers a balanced editorial mix of business, technology and products news in an editorial environment that meets the requirements of both business and technical management. In today's market where IT policy, strategy and product decisions are made at both board and IT department level, AG Connect helps its readers make informed buying decisions. AG also assists the non-technical management understand technology issues and provides IT professionals with information on business and management considerations.

An ideal platform for Corporate & Employer branding, announcing product launches, business cases and Job opportunities. Combined with the website, newsletters and mobile app, AG delivers a fitting solution for any IT-campaign.

Media Represented

in Ireland, United Kingdom