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Target audience includes highly educated with an interest in IT development. IT & Business managers. 50 % CIO, Projectleader IT, Head Automation, Facility Manager, Business Manager; 25 % Teamleader IT, Coordinator IT, Operational Manager; 25 % Consultant, Architect, Analysts, Specialist on various areas, Developer, Tester, Programmer
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AG Connect's web site provides its online readers a balanced mix of business, technology and product news for the IT industry. Site Content The main sections on the AG site include: the latest news and highlights plus updates on the key technology and business developments.

Technologie - focused on hardware and software, with special attention to the differences in application options and the related consequences.

Market overviews covering the latest ITC reports in collaboration with the major research bureaus IT in operation and deals with the application aspects of IT.

Careers with reviews of the labour market and helpful tips for the readers to gain an insight to their market value and how to improve it.

Whitepaper library - the AG Whitepaper library is a successful media platform for Lead Generation programmes targeting senior ITDMs.

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