6 issues a year
Print circulation
100,000 *
2,200,000 **
Basic Rate
€ 11,800
Target Group
The readers of Austrian MAGAZINE are not only particularly well-educated, career-oriented and eclectic with high buying power, but also keen shoppers.
  1. * Publisher's Information 2017
  2. ** Publisher's Information 2018/1


For over 25 years AUSTRIAN MAGAZINE (former: SKYLINES) has gone straight to the hearts of readers.

Now with its new look and format, AUSTRIAN MAGAZINE is taking off to new heights – with fascinating stories, with a gripping layout, with breathtaking offers for readers.

Decide now for a new high-quality travel and lifestyle
magazine covering the world with useful info for business and leisure travellers.

Austrian Airlines carries about four times more passengers to and from Vienna than the second place airline. It offers attractive and up-to-date advertising options – attractive packages, effective crossover-sales, one of a kind promotions and the best ambient media solutions.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Austria and South Tyrol