Target Group
BBCGOODFOOD.com users are upmarket, affluent and adventurous: - 22 to 44 years of age - the key age demographic - 67% - high penetration of smartphone users - 25% / 75% - male / female audience - 39% have children under 16 in their household - 75% are ABC


With 17 million global users generating over 56 million page views and 2 million app downloads, BBCGOODFOOD.com is for people who are passionate about the food they buy and eat. The website's audience is upmarket, affluent and adventurous.

BBCGOODFOOD.com's team of experts create original recipes, rigorously tested, so that they work first time for people at home. From quick family suppers to special meals for friends and fantastic cakes, bbcgoodfood.com does it all. The website is the ultimate destination for everyone who loves food and cooking.

Media Represented

in Italy (excl. South Tyrol)