Distributed circulation
200,946 *
576,000 **
Basic Rate 2023
CHF 23,830
Target Group
BEOBACHTER readers are men and women aged between 35 and 55+ with higher income. The readership is highly interested in topics such as economics, international and national issues regarding politics next to health and nutrition, as well as family and partnership.
Business & News
  1. * WEMF 2022
  2. ** MACH Basic 2023 1


BEOBACHTER is an institution in the Swiss media market. The magazine informs about the current topics worldwide.

It offers competence guidance and assistance in decision-making to its readership f or a self-determined life.

BEOBACHTER stands up for a  democratic and solidary society, a social and transparent economy and a decent environment.

The magazine is published in German.

Media Represented

in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scandinavia