weekdays (Mon-Sat.)
Distributed circulation
83,626 *
291,000 **
Basic Rate 2023
CHF 26,200
Target Group
BLICK readers are women (39%) and men (61%) of all ages. The readership is interested in topics such as cars and sports, entertainment and communication systems.
  1. * WEMF 2022
  2. ** MACH Basic 2023 1


BLICK informs its readers from Monday to Saturday about topics that are currently affecting the population and not mince matters.

BLICK publishes the lastest news in the areas of economics, politics, foreign countries and lifestyle.

With a separate sport segment the newspaper reports on current sports events in Switzerland and the rest of the world. Additionally, BLICK regularly publishes special supplements with relevant topics such as travel, cars or football.

BLICK is published in German.

Media Represented

in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scandinavia