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2,764,000 *
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BLUE NEWS readers are women (49%) and men (51%) of all ages. The readership is interested in topics such as national and international politics and issues, cars and motorbikes and computers and informatics.
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Swisscom BLUE is the Swiss news and entertainment portal and provides more than half a million readers daily with the latest, quick and clear news from Switzerland and around the world. blue News delivers the stories behind the stories - excitingly packaged in exclusive videos, background reports or interviews - and also offers a high-quality TV experience with everything that goes with it through its connection to Blue TV.
BLUE NEWS is visited by over 2.7 million users per month in all parts of the country - this corresponds to 43.4% of the Swiss internet population.

The performance figures (UU, PIs and Visits) mentioned above are valid for the whole digital offer of bluewin.ch. 

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