Target Group
No other radio station in the Netherlands offers such a highly selective reach as BNR in the “B-to-B/decision-makers in business” target group. BNR listeners are ambitious, enterprising people. They are continually seeking improvement, new ways of working and living, and challenging propositions to mull over. The listeners have a strong bond with BNR.
Business & News


BNR NIEUWSRADIO keeps the entrepreneurial community in the Netherlands up-to-date with the news 24/7.

BNR NIEUWSRADIO provides instant context and enlightening background stories in a fresh, bright and pointed manner. It delivers top-notch journalism through intelligent news shows, outspoken presenters, exciting debates and light-hearted entertainment.

You may choose from one of the radio packages or mount your own campaign. Moreover, BNR Nieuwsradiooffers
numerous non-spot and sponsored opportunities.

BNR reaches 488,000 listeners per week.

Rate per second: 17.10 Euro (Time slot Mon -Sun/06:00 -20:00)

Media Represented

in Italy (excl. South Tyrol)