2 issues a year
Print circulation
70,000 *
Basic Rate 2023
€ 15,400
Healthy Lifestyle
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BRIGITTE’s new magazine awakes interest in sustainability and shows how we can integrate it into our everyday lives without too much of an effort. In cooperation with well-known green influencers, the editorial team clears up facts on the climate change and gives helpful tips - realistic and practical and without a moral pointing finger.

The layout and visual language are modern and make sustainability accessible to the audience.


  • Food for thought: what we can do ourselves - shopping properly, green electricity, green investments, etc.
  • Living consciously - how does that work?
  • Green fashion and beauty
  • Travel & food

Target group:

  • Open-minded, modern women who want to live sustainably
  • 25 - 49 years old
  • Want to live in a modern, stylish and yet sustainable way
  • They like to buy fair trade products of organic quality
  • Environmental protection is particularly important to them and they themselves want to do something about it.
  • Wear fair fashion and use natural cosmetics
  • actively try to get comprehensive information on the subject of sustainability.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)