Print circulation
30,000 *
89,000 **
Basic Rate
CHF 9,600
Target Group
Women, 30-60 years old, interests: fashion, nature, culture.
Women (general)
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • beauty/cosmetics
  • leisure/entertainment
  1. * Publisher's Information 2018 January
  2. ** MACH Basic 2017-02


BRIGITTE - a strong women‘s magazine brandname: For over 30 years BRIGITTE gives a voice to Switzerland of the „generation of woman“, she accompanies, she points in all her facets and pushes open doors.

Unmistakable journalistic approach

BRIGITTE creates trust, places on a narrow connection to her readers and proves the strength and the courage over and over again to appeal socially to relevant subjects without renouncing, besides, the ease and optimism.

Preferential order

You find the Swiss Split at the very front in the notebook. Their advertisement in BRIGITTE Schweiz thereby enjoys always a place in the first row – a top position is guaranteed for you!

For more information on advertising in our Swiss supplements please contact Marco Vala.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Scandinavia