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BRIGITTE-WOMAN's total digital offer reaches 620,000 users every month. 81,8 % of users are female. 71,5 % of BRIGITTE-WOMAN.de users belong to the age group 20 and 49. BRIGITTE-WOMAN.de users enjoy above average education, 48,2 % have A-levels (or equivalent) or are university graduates. Their earnings are above average: 43,3 % dispose over a net household income of € 3,000 plus. Source: agof digital facts // Base: average month.
Women (general)
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BRIGITTE-WOMAN.de is the website for women aged 40 and over. Users have not only age in common, but primarily their attitude to life: They are open-minded, curious and particularly active. And they are always on the lookout for that special tip, that first-class address, a good product. Women over 40 know what is good for them and want to share that knowledge with others. This need is taken up by BRIGITTE-WOMAN.de with the tool "The Best". Because that is where women can pass on their recommendations.

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