Paid circulation
398,279 *
2,610,000 **
Basic Rate
€ 54,900
Target Group
Not only quantity, but also quality readers. BRIGITTE is read by women with above-average educations and incomes: self-confident personalities with a wide range of interests.
Women (general)
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • beauty/cosmetics
  • pharma
  • services
  • mail order/retail
  • foods
  • hair care
  1. * IVW 4/17
  2. ** ma 2018/I


Highest coverage of all quality women's titles in Germany. BRIGITTE reaches 2.97 million women every two weeks – more than any other fortnightly or monthly women's title.

Unmistakable journalistic approach. Thorough reports on fashion, beauty, travel, home and cuisine, as well as reportage articles on psychology, partnership, culture, politics and careers. All with a lightness of touch and professionalism that make BRIGITTE unique.

BRIGITTE is the strongest women's magazine brandname. For over the last 30 years, BRIGITTE has been first in circulation and coverage among all quality women’s titles. Among German women, BRIGITTE is the best-known and best-liked women's magazine.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)