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CAPITAL users have a high level of education and high expectations of their own careers. They are decision-makers in their professional and private lives, successful and internationally networked. They also have a strong affinity for luxury and high purchasing power.
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  1. * IVW 2022-02
  2. ** agof daily digital facts 2021-11


CAPITAL digital stands for innovative economic journalism at the highest level and is the portal for decision-makers interested in business.
On CAPITAL.de, users will find a cross-section of topics from the global economy and finance. With its professional articles and high degree of expertise, CAPITAL also convinces with reports on companies, background stories on the global economy and major trends in our society.
The platform also features a wide variety of useful tools from real estate compass and home ownership calculator to financing and investment comparisons. Commentaries and analyses on politics and the global economy round off the digital and mobile offering.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)