Paid circulation
81,265 *
195,340 **
Basic Rate 2020
€ 4,395
Target Group
55 % of the readers are women between 25-64 years from a higher social class.
Leisure & Entertainment
  1. * CIM Circulation 2018
  2. ** CIM Coverage 2018


A weekend magazine for people who don't live in the city. CITTA highlights the atypical Antwerpen with reportes, exclusive interviews and household items. 48 pages about the literature of the city, beautifully illustrated with not commonplace pictures. CITTA shows what Antwerpen can offer.

On Saturdays the quirky city magazine CITTA is published with a separate edition for the Kempen: CITTA Kempen. The magazines are packed with amazing stories about special people and things.

Media Represented

in France, Germany (Internat. Media only), Ireland