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COBOUW is the daily newspaper for the building industry within the Netherlands and is over 130 years old. Published daily COBOUW's heart is the 'Building Reports' or 'Bouwberichten' with news on the latest building contracts won and lost and detailed analysis of current contacts at every stage of development.

COBOUW, the only specialist daily for the whole construction industry in the Netherlands, has appeared for over a century and a half and sits atop the news every day!COBOUW brings current construction news and background information from the political, economic, technical and financial fields. Additionally, COBOUW publishes calls for tenders and building news every day,announcements of building projects: from the planning stage through to the final decision. COBOUW is read daily by more than 50,000 professionals from across the Dutch construction industry.

COBOUW appears in a handy tabloid format, with a modern design and is published Monday-Saturday.

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