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Data News reaches Information and Communications Technology (ICT) decision-makers including CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, ICT Managers, Telecom Managers, Human Resources Managers, General Managers, Finance Managers.
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Launched in 1979, DATA NEWS is the leading authority in the Belgium market for the IT community. The editorial mission of DATA NEWS is to focus on enterprise technology and help its professional audience generate a real business advantage from the implementation of IT. Each issue of DATA NEWS covers case studies, news about products and technology innovations together with the latest ICT industry news.

Data News is divided into 6 main sections covering:

  • News - overview of local, European and International ICT news with a focus on the strategic implications of new product launches.
  • Strategy - synopis of the strategy of ICT vendors
  • Experiences - how ICT Technology is applied to get the best performance across different business sectors
  • Telecoms - latest services and pricing in a fast evolving marketplace
  • Technology - indepth test of the latest hardware and software products
  • Careers - practical advice for ICT professionals.

Media Represented

in Ireland, United Kingdom