Print circulation
422,485 *
1,190,000 **
Basic Rate 2022
€ 21,700
Target Group
Every month, it reaches over one million adult readers.
  1. * IVW 4/2021
  2. ** AWA 2021


With a spirit of adventure, contagious enthusiasm and a special section for children, the magazine from the Deutsche Bahn shortens the travel time for passengers on ICE, Intercity and Eurocity trains. It entertains, informs and inspires the reader to contemplation and imitation. DB MOBIL’s greatest strength is the high level of reader liking it enjoys among readers.

Ideal Reading Situation

DB MOBIL is offered free every month to passengers on board all long-distance trains and in all DB Travel Centres and DB Lounges. The award-winning magazine from the Deutsche Bahn offers its passengers articles from such areas as travel, society, culture and Zeitgeist.  

Ample Time for Intensive Contacts

With an advertisement in DB MOBIL you reach a target group in a nearly ideal reading situation. Persons who take time to thoroughly consider your product and offer – and to make a purchase decision.

Response Medium

The high circulation and special reading situation during long-distance trips lasting an average minimum 2.5 hours result in breath-taking response rates. Numerous editorial contests produce up to 50,000 responses and response rates of up to 10% and never lower than 8%.

Top Position

With a coverage of 1.19 million readers (AWA 2021) and circulation of 479,403 copies (IVW-audited), DB MOBIL is market leader among all monthly travel magazines.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)