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For nearly 100 years, DE STANDAARD has been a reliable source of information that gives them depth and meaning with meticulousness. Search for "newspaper of record" in Wikipedia and you'll see DE STANDAARD shine next to LE MONDE, NRC HANDELSBLAD, EL PAIS and THE NEW YORK TIMES. These are newspapers whose journalistic qualities are recognized nationally.

But as the slogan 'Expect the unexpected' ('Verwacht het Onverwachte') suggests, there is more. DE STANDAARD offers fascinating stories, instructive points of views and amazing images. The reader will also find what he or she did not expect and will surely get curious. This is called serendipity and is an integral part of the journal.

In the last 10 years, DE STANDAARD has been growing steadily, in print, in readership and in the number of visitors on the website. More and more readers sing up for subscriptions.

One reason why DE STANDAARD is so strong: DE STANDAARD provides what it promises, namely a progressive journalistic approach.

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