Paid circulation
55,905 *
280,000 **
Basic Rate 2020
€ 9,900
Target Group
DEIN SPIEGEL addresses girls and boys from the age of 8-14 and their parents.
  1. * IVW 2/2020
  2. ** KMS 2019


Children are interested in almost all topics related to politics, history, society, science, culture and sports. A recipe for success for “DEIN SPIEGEL” (YOUR SPIEGEL).

With its broad range of topics “DEIN SPIEGEL” addresses girls and boys from the age of 8. Presented in an entertaining and educational way, the magazine offers news and up-to-date information from all over the world as well as exciting stories about people, Germany and other countries. In addition, it also provides reports and interviews with politicians, celebrities and stars from the world of culture, sports and music plus the latest scientific, environmental and technological discoveries.

Media Represented

in France, Switzerland