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€ 91,800
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DER SPIEGEL reaches its core target groups with great precision, but also achieves maximum coverage in many marketing-relevant target groups: e. g. people with a high level of education, in upper-level professions and with a purchasing power that makes selective consumer behaviour possible.
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  1. * IVW 1/22
  2. ** ma 2022/I


Germany’s largest and leading news brand

DER SPIEGEL is synonymous with investigative journalism in Germany. DER SPIEGEL is characterised by thorough information, good research and reliable quality. The main focus is on political and social events. SPIEGEL readers appreciate it for its unique concept, its high journalistic reputation and the distinctive style of the SPIEGEL editorial team.

SPIEGEL achieves the highest reach in many marketing-relevant target groups, including people with a high level of education, in upscale professions and with purchasing power that enables selective consumer behaviour.

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