weekdays (Monday-Saturday)
Paid circulation
55,000 *
509,000 **
Basic Rate 2021
€ 20,500

Rate for 1/1 page, Monday-Friday

Target Group
59 % men, 38 % of readers are between 20-39 years of age. Many decision-makers (45% in management), well-educated, high household income
Business & News
  1. * ÖAK 2020 January-June
  2. ** MA Austria 2019/2020


DER STANDARD is a nationwide newspaper in Austria.

Founded in 1988 orginally for college students, it still has the youngest target group of all Austrian daily newspapers.

It is independent of political parties, institutions and interest groups and addresses readers who expect comprehensive, broad und thorough coverage. 

DER STANDARD offers substantiated commentaries in the areas of economics, politics, culture and society.

Please note, print circulation on Saturdays.

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