143,486,000 *
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Unique User
2,546,000 **
Target Group
56 % of readers of DERSTANDARD.AT are men and 44 % are woman. Readers are educated and decision makers.
Business & News
  1. * ÖWA 2020-09
  2. ** ÖWA plus 2019 IV


With DERSTANDARD.at users get informed about news in real time. Besides, users can find news and information on a variety of topics reaching from family and lifestyle to economic or real estate topics. 

Whether sporty, political, economic or social events, DERSTANDARD.at regularly provides its users with live reports on relevant topics. This creates particular attention and users normally spend an above average amount of time on the website. 

The performance figures (UU, PIs and Visits) mentioned above are valid for the whole digital offer of DER STANDARD.

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