Print circulation
2,719,888 *
Target Group
Target audience includes various levels of income. Focused on consumers eager to know the local bargains, news, and job and housing listings.
Business & News
  1. * CIM Circulation 2014


DEZE WEEK is a weekly newspaper reaching readers all over Belgium.

The paper includes series of regular sections providing extensive local news coverage for 50 different regions. De Streekkrant leads the market for local job and housing ads.

The first editions was launched over 50 years ago as THE STREEKKRANT. It is now renamed to DEZE WEEK and it is the largest medium in Dutch-speaking Belgium with a greater range than the biggest TV station.

Week after week, DEZE WEEK is a colorful cocktail of information and entertainment, and commercial messages from the local, regional and national advertisers are addressed in the best context. In addition, the paper provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities in the local market of real estate, cars and jobs.

Ideal medium for reaching Belgians in their favourite reading environment and provides additional information on local issues that they cannot always find in other dailies or weeklies.

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