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74,002 *
322,000 **
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The paper covers a wide variety of topics, from business to lifestyle, politics and culture and makes reading an enjoyable experience for everyone. The modern layout also appeals specifically to a younger audience.
Business & News
  1. * ÖAK 2020 January-June
  2. ** MA Austria 2019


On Sunday, DIE PRESSE provides the widest range of high-level subjects and background stories. This is why also readers of other dailies take to DIE PRESSE AM SONNTAG. 

The Sunday edition encompasses six sections:

  • National and world politics
  • Current affairs, Eating & Drinking, Garden, Creativity
  • Business, My money, Driving, Science
  • Sports & games
  • Lifestyle & health, Globe, People
  • Culture, Art market, Media, History

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